Regional Alliance for Firefighting Training

RAFT offers the three-day Blue Card certification class most months at our West Bloomfield CTC, on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the second or third week of the month. Classes run each day, starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM. Breakfast and lunch are provided each day of class. Completion of the 40-hour online training portion is mandatory before taking this 3-day class. Students who register for the course but fail to complete the online portion will not have the course registration fee refunded. The two-day Blue Card recertification class is also offered on the Wednesday and Thursday of these classes, in conjunction with the three-day class.

Classes may also be held at your facility with a minimum of eight (8) students. Please contact us for more details about our Portable CTC classes.

To facilitate a positive learning environment, classes must have a minimum of six (6) students and are limited to a maximum of ten (10) students, certification and recertification combined.

For more information on the mandatory 40-Hour online course, please go to

The Blue Card Command Certification Program is a state of the art training and certification system that teaches Company and Command Officers how to standardize local incident operations across their organization. The program uses a combination of online and in-class simulation training which results in an Incident Commander solution that finally addresses local Hazard Zone operations. The training is based entirely on retired Fire Chief Alan Brunacini’s Fire Command and Command Safety Textbooks, which have been used globally in the Fire Service for over 30 years.

Once the student has successfully completed the Blue Card online training program, they will be eligible to participate in the evaluation/testing phase of the program.

The evaluation portion of the program incorporates:

  • Standard 8 Functions of Command
  • Regional Standard Operating Procedures
  • Tactical Operations Templates for 5 Local Occupancy Types
  • High Fidelity Structure Fire Simulations